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5-star golf resorts in Portugal

Traveling for golf holidays can be exciting. To make your time memorable, you need the best that there is in your preferred golfing destination. Some of the things that will make your experience great are the golf resorts Portugal merchandise along with the golf courses. It is not enough to have a well-designed golf course. The social amenities and facilities available on the ground count a lot towards the kind of experience that you are going to have while there. There are many options to choose from especially, in Portugal where golf courses are all over the place in different towns and cities. If you want a 5-star experience, be sure to ask the experts in the industry. They will give you the information you need to make the right decision.

Portugal's golf resorts come in different sizes, shapes, and designs. For that reason, you may want to compare a number of them before settling on your choice. Since Algarve is the most developed region in terms of golf activities, you will most likely find the best of facilities there. You can never go wrong by traveling to this destination. Here, you will find some of the best golf resorts in Portugal giving you good value for money and wonderful experience while you play golf. Here are some of the 5-star golf resorts to consider while in Portugal:

  • Pine Cliffs Residence
  • This is one of the best golf resorts in Portugal that is perched above the blue Atlantic Ocean. The resort overlooks a beautiful golf course and attractive gardens full of rich fragrances. The resort is within the vicinity of a virgin beach. This is a great choice for family stays and has a lot of activities for all age groups. Social amenities and other activities include five tennis courts, world-class golf courses, and swimming pools. Travelers can also enjoy children's club, spa treatments and controlled access to the surrounding beach. On top of these facilities, there are two and three-bedroom golf apartments making sure you have a comfortable stay while in Portugal.

  • The Penha Longa Hotel and Golf Resort
  • If you do not get to the golf resorts in Portugal Algarve, a trip to Lisbon will get you to the Penha Longa Hotel and Golf resort located in Sintra. This resort has beautiful accommodations, elegant amenities and high-end spa giving you an opportunity to enjoy golf in a coastal setting. This is an old region with a history dating back in the 14th century. This is a beautiful landmark well designed for the comfort of visiting golf enthusiasts. It is definitely a perfect choice alternative to golf resort Portugal Algarve if you cannot make it go travel there for whatever reason.

  • The Oitavos
  • Reserve breakfast and other meals at the Oitavos for affordable charges while in Portugal. Accommodation facilities feature 5-star boarding rooms and Wi-Fi to make you comfortable and stay connected while on the go. The glaring beauty of the Atlantic inspires this resort. The design is made in a way that complements the nature in the surrounding. It factors both the natural elements and the historical aspects associated with the place. It is a great destination providing a thrilling experience to golf lovers looking for 5-star golf resort Portugal services. There are over 140 guest rooms with a private balcony with facing either the golf course or the ocean.

  • The Albatroz Seafront Hotel
  • This is yet another resort among the renowned Portugal golf resort villas. It is located on the bay with ocean waves softly lapping underneath. It started out as a royal summer retreat and later transformed into a top boutique hotel. It has great hotel service and the beauty of residence that is privately owned. It has a total of 53 guest rooms that includes 10 suites. The resort has superb dining facilities, a salt-water swimming pool and an atmospheric bar giving an awesome experience to golf travelers.

Final Thoughts

There are a lot more Portugal golf resorts and that includes the Penina golf resort Portugal destination. Depending on the preferences of golf travelers, one can get to find a resort that matches their budget. Make use of this guide to find out the most luxurious golf resorts in Portugal for your next travel.

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