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The best European holiday recipes for golfers

Holidays in Europe are some of the most incredible you can ever set on. Depending on where you are visiting, there is so much that you will be able to learn, so much that you can think about and at the same time, so much more for you to explore. If for example you are planning on a golf trip to Europe, you could never have chosen a better destination. Playing golf in Europe is incredible. There are some amazing courses all over, from Cyprus to Portugal. The scenery is sensational, the bunkers are wicked and most importantly, you have the chance to experience and enjoy some of the most incredible action off the greens too. Anyone who is new to this will certainly find this recipe for golf courses and resorts a true gem in as far as holiday planning is concerned.


One of the most common things that people know about this place is its amazing scenery. Now if you can combine that with some awesome golf activities, you are certainly looking at one of your most incredible golf experiences so far. West of this island lies some of the finest volcanic cliffs you have ever seen. The foliage is tropical and together, this forms one of the best golf experiences of a lifetime. And we did not even mention the golf resorts that are enveloped by the thrill of waterfalls. If you manage to play in Tenerife, you can also enjoy an amazing view of La Gomera Island.


Italy is another country where golf will certainly be one of the top things on your list. Culturally there is a lot of fun for you in Italy. When you add some golf on your to-do list, you end up with a trip that comes full circle. There are incredible courses here especially to the south of the country. The olive groves, pine forests and citrus plantations that are predominant in this part of the country make this one of your best options yet.

Spain and Portugal

Spain alongside her cousin Portugal are not strange bedfellows when it comes to golf resorts. These two countries see thousands of people flock here every year to play some golf on their championship courses. Not only do the championship courses thrill a lot of holiday seekers, but they are well maintained, and provide some of the best experiences for those who are looking to enjoy a good time. Aside from the golf courses, the greens here are neat, world class and one thing that you will realize about them is the fact that the facilities are to behold.

Truly, your European tour for a golf experience is never complete until you have tasted the allure of Spain and Portugal.

Another spectacle that you will realize when you visit these two countries is the fact that lots of sports personalities love them for their holidays. If you fancy football, you can try and schedule your golf holiday around the time when the major leagues are on a break. This way you have a better chance of rubbing shoulders with some of the best players in the world. You might even come across players from your favorite teams here.

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